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Inlay/Tray Frames for Canvas and Board

In addition to our bespoke framing, Ashcraft Framing makes frames made specifically for framing box canvas paintings or other art on stretched canvas up to 40mm (4cm) deep.

The trend in recent years has been to hang canvases without frames. Many artists know this already, and many more people are discovering, that a picture can be transformed with the addition of a simple frame.

Box canvas frames, also know and inlay or floater frames, offer an economical and effective way of framing deep section ‘gallery wrap’ canvases or traditional stretched canvases and are suited to a variety of artistic styles.

We offer three ‘levels’ of box frames; kits for self-assembly, completed frames made from unfinished moulding ready to hang, or for you to paint or finish as desired, or ready to hang completed frames. Choose which ever suits your budget. 

The self assembly option is the most cost effective option and frames are very easy to assemble and come with all the fittings required to assemble and hang.

Frames are available in commonly used canvas sizes. Very large sizes can be accommodated using the self-assembly option, canvases upto 2.8 meters can be framed.  Please get in touch if you need frames larger than those listed on the website.

inlay frame width comparisonAll frames are made in our workshop in Lincolnshire.  

Download the product information sheet here.

You can view the current range here.