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Mouldings & Mount Boards


We currently stock a range of 70 mouldings for you to choose from with many more available to order.  Our range covers traditional and contemporary designs and we also stock an economy range of mouldings. In addition, aluminium frames are available to order.

Mount Boards

Ashcraft Framing use Arqadia mount boards as standard.  Arqadia mount boards are available in White Core (W) and Conservation (C) grades.  The table below gives a small sample of the many colours available.


 8411W AlpineGreen

8005W MidBrown

8008C SilverGrey  8011W Black  8013W Terracotta
 8010C DarkGrey    8017W MidGreen  8034W Sage  8062C Lavender
 8065C HaySeed  8048C IvoryArt  8151W Beaujolais  8149C Primrose  8626C AndoverCream
 8171C Sand  8636C ChocolateSunrise  8661C AvillonWhite  8674C PaleIvory  8001CSnowWhite